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Organizations We Support!

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, commonly known as NAMI, is a prominent non-profit organization in the United States that focuses on mental health advocacy, education, and support.
NAMI's mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. The organization aims to raise awareness about mental health issues, reduce stigma, and promote access to effective treatment and services. NAMI's work is guided by the belief that mental illness is a medical condition that should be treated with the same level of compassion, understanding, and respect as any other physical illness. We agree! Which is why we decided to partner up with NAMI!

Website: https://www.nami.org/

Child Mind Institute

Millions of children – as many as 1 in 5 – struggle with mental health or learning challenges. Fully 70% of U.S. counties do not have a single child and adolescent psychiatrist. Due to stigma, misinformation, and a lack of access to care, the average time between onset of symptoms and any treatment at all is over 8 years. Our children deserve better.”-Child Mind Institute.

We agree! Children do deserve better which is why we decided to partner up and happily announce that a portion of our sales will be funded to the Child Mind Institute!!!

Website: https://childmind.org/

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Crocheted Heart Keychains

When I say “be creative”. I actually mean “BE CREATIVE!!”. I love a good challenge and has yet to make one that looks like a unicorn so BRING IT ON!


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Custom Orders

And we love doing it! I love making things with sentimental and significant importance to people! It’s a heart warming service that we definitely offer. Even if you want a singular bead changed, bigger/smaller size or a completely custom design based on a picture you found on the internet (it happens), WE GOT YOU!!

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