About LoveBijoux

Hello, My name is Monique! I’m the owner of LoveBijoux, A Small Business dedicated towards Mental Health.

I started this business on November 26th, 2023 with the intention to spread Creativity & Positivity amongst people and society as a whole. I hope to motivate everyone I meet to become something great with valuable qualities. Mental Health is an essential part of everyone's lives yet many people shy away from talking about it. I have seen first-hand the damage that poor mental health can cause a person, which is why I’ve decided to take my creativity as an artist, my determination to make the world a better place and some legal papers to open up the business you see here, LoveBijoux. I am not a licensed therapist or a psychiatrist. I’m just a humble business lady with a passion and a dream that I’m determined to achieve.

I truly appreciate your time today, as my thank you for reading, I’d like you to have code “THANKYOU15”. Mental health is important, Bye! <3