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Sweet Honey Bee Bracelet

Sweet Honey Bee Bracelet

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Materials:  Clear Quartz, Citrine & Honey Tigereye. 

Metal:  Gold Plated

Size: Small- Standard

Clear Quarts- Clear quartz is also known to be a powerful amplifying crystal, amplifying and intensifying any thoughts, intentions, and energy that is directed towards it. It is the original form of quartz, and has been used throughout the ages to cleanse and purify the mind, body, and spirit. It can help to draw out and release any negative energy that is held within the body and mind, and help to amplify positive energies. Clear quartz can also be used to bring clarity and focus to any situation, allowing you to see the truth of the matter and make the best decision. It can help to open you up to receive new ideas, energies, and insights from the Universe, enabling you to make positive changes in your life

Citrine- Citrine spirituality is a powerful crystal that promotes wealth and prosperity. It can be used to manifest abundance in all areas of life, including financial security, relationships, and career success. Citrine is a powerful crystal that radiates energy of positivity, joy, and confidence. It is said to be a stone of manifestation, drawing in opportunities for success, abundance, and wealth. By bringing in the energy of citrine, you can amplify your creative ideas and clear the way for manifestation. It helps to attract wealth, prosperity, and success, and to increase self-confidence. When used in combination with other crystals and meditation practices, Citrine can be a powerful tool to support your spiritual journey.

Honey Tigereye- Honey Tiger Eye is a stunning gemstone that is known for its captivating beauty and healing properties. It is a variation of the popular Tiger Eye gemstone, but instead of the golden brown shades of Tiger Eye, the Honey Tiger Eye has an earthy yellow hue. This stone is said to have a very calming and soothing energy, as well as being a powerful protector against negative energies. It is believed to be a stone of luck and success, and can help to increase feelings of self-confidence and personal power. It is also said to help bring balance and harmony to one’s life, and can be used to help manifest one’s desires. Honey Tiger Eye can be used in various ways, from jewelry to meditation. It is a great stone to keep close to you for protection and for a boost of energy when feeling low. It is also a great addition to any crystal collection, as its beauty and energy will be sure to bring joy and positivity to any space.

This Tiger Eye, Citrine and Clear Quartz is a truly breath taking combination. The energy it radiates helps to create an atmosphere of harmony, peace, and balance. Tiger Eye is a stone that provides insight, clarity, and decisiveness. Citrine is stone of wealth and prosperity. Clear Quartz is the master healing stone, as it amplifies energy and thought. By wearing the bracelet, you will receive the bold, vibrant energy of Tiger Eye & Citrine while the Clear Quartz will heighten the overall energy. The bracelet will also help to promote positive thinking, emotional balance, and assist in maintaining clear-headedness. By wearing this empowering bracelet, you will have both the strength and courage to withstand any hardships. The beautiful union of these two stones will assist you in achieving your hopes, desires, and dreams.


Warning- When it comes to caring for your bracelet, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, be sure to take off your bracelet before showering, swimming, or engaging in any other water activities. This will help prevent damage to the metal or gemstones. You should also avoid exposing your bracelet to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, bleach, and detergents. Additionally, try to avoid wearing your bracelet while doing activities that may cause it to become scratched or damaged, such as gardening or cleaning. THESE BRACELETS ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN, they have pieces that can be choked on. Keep out of reach of children. Finally, store your bracelet in a soft pouch or jewelry box when not wearing it to help keep it safe from dust and other debris. Following these simple instructions will help ensure that your bracelet remains in perfect condition for many moons to come. Please also understand that color may differ from image due to the stones being natural stones. They all don’t look identical.This product is an accessory and not meant for medicinal use. It is designed for the sole purpose of providing an aesthetic enhancement to a person’s look. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. It is only to be used as an accessory and should not be used in any way for medicinal purposes. If you are experiencing any medical condition, please consult your physician.

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