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Obsidian & White Jade Bracelet

Obsidian & White Jade Bracelet

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Materials: Obsidian and White Jade

Metal: Silver Plated

Size: Small- Standard

Obsidian- Obsidian is believed to help clear negative energy and create an energetic shield around the wearer. It can help to ward off negative influences, cleanse the aura, and protect against negative energies. Its protective qualities can also help to reduce stress and anxiety and allow for a more balanced state of mind. It is also believed to be a powerful tool for grounding and connecting with the Earth. Obsidian is said to be effective in helping to dissolve old patterns of behavior and open up new paths and opportunities. Additionally, it is said to encourage spiritual growth and awareness.

White Jade- White jade is a precious gemstone that is highly valued for its beauty and rarity. It is a metamorphic rock that is composed of silicates and has a translucent, waxy luster. White jade is found in various shades of white, ranging from almost pure white to off-white or yellowish-white. It is one of the rarest and most sought-after gemstones in the world. White jade is often used for jewelry, sculptures, and other decorative items. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to its owner. White jade has a smooth, cool feel and is renowned for its durability and strength. It is often used for carvings and sculptures because it is so hard and resistant to breakage. It is believed to have healing properties that can help to relieve stress and anxiety. White jade is sought after for its beauty and rarity, and its ability to bring good luck and prosperity to its owner.

This stunning bracelet is made with white jade beads and black obsidian beads. The white jade beads have a beautiful, translucent quality that is reminiscent of the moonlight. The obsidian beads are shiny and have a deep, dark hue that is perfect for grounding and protection. The bracelet is strung together with a strong and sturdy cord that connects the two colors in perfect harmony. This bracelet is the perfect accessory to wear for those moments when you want to feel calm and centered. The white jade and obsidian combination is an excellent pairing that can help bring balance and a sense of peace to the wearer. It's a powerful piece that serves as a reminder of the importance of looking within and connecting to the energy of the universe.

Warning- When it comes to caring for your bracelet, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, be sure to take off your bracelet before showering, swimming, or engaging in any other water activities. This will help prevent damage to the metal or gemstones. You should also avoid exposing your bracelet to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, bleach, and detergents. Additionally, try to avoid wearing your bracelet while doing activities that may cause it to become scratched or damaged, such as gardening or cleaning. THESE BRACELETS ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN, they have pieces that can be choked on. Keep out of reach of children. Finally, store your bracelet in a soft pouch or jewelry box when not wearing it to help keep it safe from dust and other debris. Following these simple instructions will help ensure that your bracelet remains in perfect condition for many moons to come. Please also understand that color may differ from image due to the stones being natural stones. They all don’t look identical.This product is an accessory and not meant for medicinal use. It is designed for the sole purpose of providing an aesthetic enhancement to a person’s look. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. It is only to be used as an accessory and should not be used in any way for medicinal purposes. If you are experiencing any medical condition, please consult your physician.

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